Why a Christian School?

Four Reasons Christian Kids belong in Christian Schools

Firstly, we are all created to connect and be shaped by our circumstances. That is why the scriptures call us everything from sheep to seeds, from branches to clay. Christian kids (and even adults, too!) require consistent leading back toward truth and the principles that shape our perceptions of it. When a quarterback enters a stadium to play the big game, he has reliable access to the play book and the coaches who are up to speed on the game plan. Are God’s kids less worthy of such support as they descend from the bus each morning?

Secondly, the Lordship of a Sovereign God is unpacked daily in each subject area. Do not underestimate the potential impact of this activity on a student and ultimately in his or her realm of influence as an adult. Giving children spiritual eyes through which to view the world equips them with the ability to see the world as God sees it – as His! Every inch of curriculum is used to uncover His nature and purpose, and every graduate becomes equipped with the knowledge they need to enter the world as an agent of change and bring redemptive vision to the fields of business, science, technology, the Arts and so much more.

Thirdly, students are trained for meaningful ministry. Every child will enter full-time ministry as an adult, because as members of the body of Christ, we are uniquely equipped for service in God’s kingdom. A Christian school is a safe place for a child to flex spiritual muscles and grow in their abilities to lead in discipleship, evangelism, and worship.

And certainly not lastly, a community of shalom breeds hope and confidence within the heart of a child. Aware of it or not, Christian kids have a sense of spiritual security as well, and when they are expected to check their Christianity at the door (or bus stop), how will they ever be able to view their faith as a unifying and foundational principle on which to build a community? Christian schools are an extension of the Christian home, and as partners, they provide a consistent and secure environment that instills hope for the future and confidence in spiritual identity.

Do you have a school aged child in need of this enriched learning environment? Consider Belleville Christian School by arranging for a tour, or coming to our open house…. because Christian kids belong in Christian schools.