A Kindergarten Framework

The Christian Kindergarten must be respectful of the children it hopes to educate. The program of instruction must be guided by a sound understanding of the nature of the young learner and the key relationships to be enhanced between the classroom, the school, the home and supporting agencies. The following six statements provide a framework for a Christian Kindergarten program.

Young children learn best when programming meets their development needs.
The Christian Kindergarten engages young children in their learning best when program goals and activities reflect a deep understanding of the inherent capabilities and limitations for learning for this age group. The inclusion of play and inquiry in Kindergarten programming is an essential vehicle for the social, emotional and cognitive development of the young child.

Young children must develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that prepare them for later learning.
The Christian Kindergarten program encourages the development of skills, knowledge and attitudes so that the young child is able to succeed in elementary school education and beyond.

Young children with special needs, through early intervention, can develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that prepare them for later learning.
The Christian Kindergarten incorporates assessment in its program to identify young children with special learning needs, so that interventions can be implemented to assist with successful learning in Kindergarten and beyond.

Young children need to build a common set of experiences with others.The Christian Kindergarten provides a learning setting that encourages the young child to experience communal living and learning in the love of Christ. Social development is a key aspect of the Kindergarten experience.

Parents must have an opportunity for meaningful involvement in the education of their young children.The Christian Kindergarten engages the parents of young children as partners in the learning task. The home and the school share a common calling to nurture the young child holistically before the face of God.

Coordinated community services must meet the needs of young children and their families.
The Christian Kindergarten provides links and referrals to community services so that parents can access supports in the areas of health, social and family needs.


The goal of a developmentally appropriate Kindergarten

is to accept all children where they are

and take them forward on their learning journey.