International Student Program

As a school community, we believe that a school is a place for structured learning that nurtures children’s intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional, physical and technical development. First, and most importantly, however, our school community is Christian. When Jesus said, “follow me,” he expected people to dedicate their whole lives to God’s service. Following Jesus is a way of life, and as a Christian school, we want to help teach that way of life every day, in all subjects, in every school activity.

Recognizing that we live in a world that is becoming smaller through globalization, the Belleville Christian School has developed an International Education Program through which students outside of Canada may have an opportunity to study in a Christian school. It is our prayer that the enrolment of students from a variety of cultures will enrich our school community and that together we will develop a global perspective that celebrates the diversity of the human family in the body of Christ.

Belleville Christian School will be pleased to receive applications for admission of students from families who do not reside in Canada. In making this opportunity available, we stress that our desire is for such students to be fully integrated into the Canadian education system and culture, and that all applicants need to be aware that we are offerring a distinctly Christian education.

For those who would like to apply to enrol students at Belleville Christian School, a full application form, complete with an outline of procedures and policies, is available from our office. Click on the Contact Us link and complete an Admissions Inquiry Form.  We can email, fax, or mail you an Information Package.