What is the TRUE cost of education at BCS?

When considering our school you might be surprised by the difference of the upfront cost vs. the actual cost of Christian education for your child at BCS.

Our total upfront cost for a family with one full time child in the school, including membership dues, is approximately $10,000.

Our actual educational cost per child is approximately $2,500 for this school year as recorded with the Canada Revenue Agency.

As a result our school issues a charitable donation receipt of $7,500 for the family with one full time child!

If your tax bracket puts you in a 35% tax return position on your donation receipt, the amount back to you in the spring of a particular school year would be approximately $2,625.

Therefore the actual tuition you would pay for a family with one full time student in a school year is $7,175!

For each child enrolled an additional $2,500 of your tuition fee would be calculated as educational cost. The more children you have that are enrolled full time, the smaller your charitable tax receipt would be.

Please note that your situation may vary depending on many things including:

– Your income level.
– Your income tax bracket
– Total amount of donations in a given calendar year.